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Property holdings now exceed 7,000 hectares

At the end of the second quarter property holdings were 7,016 hectares of which 4,869 are forest, 1,639 agriculture land and 488 other land. Total estimated growing stock is 532,000 cubic meters.
During the second quarter 2014 the purchase of Forest Holding Latvia AB and SIA Zaveria, with total land holdings of 3,885 hectares, was completed.
In addition, 160 hectares were purchased with a total growing stock of 9,810 cubic meters. The purchase price amounted to 155 TEur (1.4 MSEK) which corresponds to approx. 970 Eur (8,750 SEK) per hectare.
During the second quarter one smaller harvesting of 375 cubic meters was completed. This generated a net income of 16,500 Eur, which corresponds to 44 Eur (400 SEK) per cubic meter. The purchase price in December 2013 for the harvested volume was 24 Eur (215 SEK) per cubic meter.
At a share price of 7.00 SEK the growing stock is estimated to be valued at 10.7 Eur (84 SEK) per cubic meter when taking into account the value of the agricultural and forest land. The estimated net asset value, after land purchases and harvesting, is approx. 1.26 Eur (11.55 SEK) per share.