The share

Latvian Forest Company AB (publ) is a public Swedish limited liability company where the share register is held by Euroclear Sweden. All shares issued are registered in electronic form and distributed to the shareholders´ custody accounts.

For current share prices and other information related to the share please visit the Aktietorget website. (Click on the icon)

Latvian Forest Company AB has a share capital of 1,776,014 Euro (15,856,792 SEK ) with 80,000 A-shares and 15,776,792 B-shares being issued. A-shares represent ten votes and B-shares one vote. Both  A- and B-shares represent 0.112 Euro (1.0 SEK) of share capital each. The five largest shareholders, as concerns voting power, represented 41.20% of capital and 41.59% of votes. Share issues have, since the company was founded, raised 108 MSEK (11.6 MEUR).

Ownership structure

 According to information known to Latvian Forest Co as per March 15, 2016.