Latvian Forest Company signs letter of intent with Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA with a view of selling the entire share capital of all its operating subsidiaries

Sale of the two subsidiaries, and thus indirectly the company’s total operations, is expected to be finalised around February 25, 2019, when the due diligence is completed.

The total sale price is estimated to 26 000 000 Euro, corresponding to the buyers estimate of the total value of the assets in the two daughter companies, mainly consisting of forest and agricultural properties. The final sale price amounts to the total value of the assets plus/minus the working capital of the daughter companies as per the day of admission, subject to any changes agreed by the parties in the share purchase agreement.

Since a sale of the shares in the two daughter companies indirectly means that the company’s entire operations will be disposed, the question of a sale of mentioned shares will be submitted to the shareholders on an extraordinary general meeting. The company board will call for an extraordinary general meeting as soon as a binding share purchase agreement has been signed, which will be conditional to the decision taken by the extraordinary general meeting and approval from the buyer’s board.

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Aleksandrs Tralmaks, VD


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Latvian Forest Company AB (public) is obliged to publish this information according to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. This information was published by above mentioned contact person February 4, 2019 at 13.00 CET.

Latvian Forest Company:

Latvian Forest Company AB (public) is a Swedish listed Company investing in and operating forestry on favourable valued forests in Latvia. The three main basics of the business are, besides forest being a sought-after real asset which grows by its own power;

  • An expected increase in price levels for Latvian forest and agricultural properties
  • To create value increase through active forest management
  • To create value gains by building a larger property portfolio
Interim Report January - September 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 23.840 (21.062) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,125 (0,979) EUR
  • Property holdings of 10.357 (9.416) hectares
  • Timber volume was 1.016.600 (960.000) cubic meter

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Interim Report January - June 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 22.137 (20.850) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,047 (1,068) EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.877 (9.368) hectare
  • Timber volume was 1.034.000 (940.000) cubic meter

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European Foresters' Orienteering Championships 2018

We at Latvian Forest Company are proud supporters of orienteering in Latvia.

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Interim Report January - March 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 21.924,3 (20.829,8) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,034 (1,06) EUR
  • Earnings per share 0,008 (0,0039) EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.665 (9.368) hectare

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Interim Report January - March 2017

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 20.829,8 (19.228) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,06 (1,03) EUR
  • Earnings per share was 0,0039 EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.368 (8.590) hectare

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Bronsstädet AB largest shareholder

Bronsstädet AB (556612-1124) has purchased 1.878.616 B-shares in Latvian Forest Company AB (publ). The ownership, after purchases, corresponds to 14.81 percent of capital and 14.01 percent of votes which makes Bronsstädet AB the largest shareholder in Latvian Forest Co.

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Acquisitions will be completed

Following the completion of its due diligence analyses, the Latvian Forest Company AB has decided to complete the previously announced acquisitions.

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