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How do I invest?

Important information!

This page/website does not constitute a solicitation to invest. This page is not intended for persons residing in the United States, Canada and/or other countries where the information provided may or can be in conflict with any legislation in that country, and/or those persons who are, or could be subject to, the United States Security Act or any other national or international legislation requiring further documentation, registration or other measures in connection with this page/website.

Buy and sell shares

The Latvian Forest Co B-share is listed and traded publicly on Aktietorget in Sweden. Shares can be bought and sold through most banks and internet brokers. Share price information and other relevant information can be found here.

Apply to receive information

Latvian Forest Company continually carries out financing rounds. If you are interested in taking part in future share issues or wish to receive additional information please contact us.

Can anybody invest?

We welcome all kinds of share holders and therefore do not have any lower limits on investments.

Share issues are not restricted to any nationality, but can be affected by specific legislation depending on which country the investor has his/her legal residence. It is therefore up to the investor to take necessary steps to verify that investing in a Swedish Limited Liability company does not come into conflict with any legislation specific to the country of residence.

All investors need to be able to provide proof of identity (i.e  verified/notarized) passport copies) as well as to make payments through existing and regulated channels in the Swedish and interanational banking system.