European Foresters' Orienteering Championships 2018

This years European Forestry Workers' Championship in orienteering sport (EFOL2018) will take place in Latvian picturesque forests of the Gauja National Park around the city Sigulda. The rugged banks of river Gauja, many deciduous trees in the forests next to the river and exceptionally warm weather will make this competiotion even more challenging and interesting. The championship will run from 6th to 10th of August and this year, more than 400 participants from 12 European countries have joined the competition.

EFOL 2018 will run simultainously with the World Orienteering Championships. The race calendar and start times are adapted so that the munitions can be active with their national teams and events at the World Championship.

We at Latvian Forest Company are proud supporters of orienteering in Latvia and happy to join people from all around the world who share the sam interest in forests, be it a forest owner, worker for forestry organisation, service provider, forest education graduate, or family member.

We wish good luck and keep fingers crossed for all the participants.


Find more information on EFOL2018 here:

Interim Report January - September 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 23.840 (21.062) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,125 (0,979) EUR
  • Property holdings of 10.357 (9.416) hectares
  • Timber volume was 1.016.600 (960.000) cubic meter

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Interim Report January - June 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 22.137 (20.850) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,047 (1,068) EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.877 (9.368) hectare
  • Timber volume was 1.034.000 (940.000) cubic meter

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Interim Report January - March 2018

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 21.924,3 (20.829,8) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,034 (1,06) EUR
  • Earnings per share 0,008 (0,0039) EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.665 (9.368) hectare

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Interim Report January - March 2017

  • Book value on land and forest assets of 20.829,8 (19.228) TEUR
  • Owners’ Equity per share was 1,06 (1,03) EUR
  • Earnings per share was 0,0039 EUR
  • Property holdings of 9.368 (8.590) hectare

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Bronsstädet AB largest shareholder

Bronsstädet AB (556612-1124) has purchased 1.878.616 B-shares in Latvian Forest Company AB (publ). The ownership, after purchases, corresponds to 14.81 percent of capital and 14.01 percent of votes which makes Bronsstädet AB the largest shareholder in Latvian Forest Co.

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Acquisitions will be completed

Following the completion of its due diligence analyses, the Latvian Forest Company AB has decided to complete the previously announced acquisitions.

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